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Finding a place to live

Are you looking for a place to live?

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    In Denmark, we have different types of housing arrangement and accommodations. We have listed the most common below.

    In Denmark, rented accommodation is a very common way to live. You can either rent from a private landlord or a non-profit housing association. If you are interested in buying property, you can contact a real estate agent, who can provide guidance on how to do so.

    Read more at Life in Denmark.

    Horsens Municipality's website byggegrunde.horsens.dk, which displays the current building lots for sale in Horsens Municipality, is in Danish only. But if you are interested in buying a building lot, please contact our newcomer guide:

    Mette Munk Lauritsen

    Telephone: 76 29 20 43 or 30 10 91 67

    Email: mm@horsens.dk

    Start where you are studying

    If you are studying in Denmark, your educational institution may be able to help you find student accommodation.

    Finding help online

    At the website Study in Horsens you will find the different options for student housing that is possible in Horsens. You will also find contact information on the dorms and other housing options there are avaliable for students.