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Practical information

A list of practical matters, you may find useful while living in Horsens.

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    Health Care in Denmark 

    Denmark has an extensive public healthcare system that offers free consultation and treatment at a local doctor’s, emergency wards and public hospitals. 

    Life in Denmark has collected a useful overview of healthcare services in Denmark.

    Here, you will find information on e.g. choosing a doctor (general practitioner)and a dentist. 

    Health insurance

    Go to our page about official matters to find out how to receive the yellow or blue health insurance card.


    Learn about what to do in an emergency situation.

    About child care in Denmark 

    All children in Denmark are guaranteed a place in a childcare institution. Almost all Danish families use child daycare. Options for child care consist of day nurseries for children 0-3 years old, kindergartens for children 3-6 years old, and pre-school/after school centres for children 6-10 years old. In addition, there is the option of local child care, in which children are cared for in private homes. Child care is financed partly by the parents, partly by the municipality.  

    Learn more about childcare in Denmark.

    Sign up for child care in Horsens 

    If you need information about your child care options in Horsens, please contact our Department of Education and Labour Market.

    Telephone: 76 29 30 66 / 76 29 30 67

    Email: bornungeogkultur@horsens.dk

    Sign up via the digital placement service

    The information in this digital self-service solution is available in Danish only, so if you need help with the service, please contact the abovementioned department in Horsens.

    Log on to the digital placement service (digital pladsanvisning)

    Denmark has a well-developed infrastructure with good conditions for cars, bicycles and public transport via trains or buses.

    Read about the different types of transport at Life in Denmark.

    Local city buses in Horsens

    You can find an overview of buses in Horsens at Midttrafik or you can read more information about the buses in English.


    Bringing your car to Denmark

    If you want to bring your car with you to Horsens, you can find information about the requirements at Motorstyrelsen's homepage.

    Be aware that you must have a liability insurance for the vehicle. Also, the vehicle must be registered within 30 days of arrival. You can read more about the taxation for Danish number plates here.

    In Denmark, all banks are private, so if you plan to have an income in Denmark, you will need a Danish bank account. Employers will pay your salary directly into your bank account, but other payments such as cash benefits, educational grant, child maintenance payments and pensions will be transfered directly as well.

    To open an account, you will need:

    • An employment contract (If you are a student you should bring your letter of enrolment from the Danish educational institution you attend).
    • A passport or ID with photo.
    • Proof of address in Denmark (such as a rental contract for your accommodation).
    • Your CPR number.
    • To ask the Bank to make the account a “NemKonto”.

    If you are a cross-border worker, you will need to bring:

    • An employment contract
    • A passport or ID with photo
    • A personal tax number/tax card

    Ask the Bank to make the account a “NemKonto”.
    Be aware that most banks in Denmark do not handle cash in house so it is not possible to make withdrawals or deposit money inside the Bank. Instead, ATMs are located all around Denmark and in general just outside the Bank.

    Read more:

    Getting an account in a Danish bank.

    Denmark has universal health insurance but it is highly recommended to take out other insurances too.

    Home insurance and Accident insurance are the most common to take out, since they will provide cover over nearly all of your belongings and grant compensation for e.g. an injury, you may experience in an accident. Since insurance companies in Denmark are private and have large variations in price, you may want to contact several companies.

    Three insurances are mandatory by law in Denmark:

    • Liability insurance if you own a motor vehicle 
    • A dog insurance if you have a dog
    • Insurance against fire if you own real estate.


    Read more about insurance right here.

    In order to apply for marriage, you must submit an application – a marriage declaration – to the Agency of Family Law and pay a fee. You can apply no earlier than 4 months before the date of marriage.

    To apply for a marriage declaration, follow this guide.

    For questions, please contact Citizen Service (Borgerservice) located at Samsøgade 3, 8700 Horsens.
    Telephone: 76 29 21 25 

    If you plan to leave Denmark permanently, there are multiple practical matters to consider.

    You can find an overview and read more about it at Lifeindenmark.dk.

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