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Sorting your Waste

Do you know how to sort your household waste or what you can dispose of at our recycling stations? 

Your waste must be sorted in five types:

  1. Other waste
  2. Food waste
  3. Paper/cardboard
  4. Packaging waste (Metal, plastic and glass packaging)
  5. Environmentally harmful waste (only for single-family houses)

If you are in any doubt about which container to use, then please use the 'other waste' container.

How often do we collect your waste?

We will collect your “other waste” and “food waste” every two weeks and your recycling container (the one for paper/cardboard and packaging waste) will be collected every four weeks.


Recycling stations

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Bulky Item Collection

You can have your bulky items collected in Horsens Municipality.

There are 3 steps you must follow:

1. Follow this link to request a collection of your bulky items via 

2. Sort your bulky items

Sorting your bulky items means sorting into these types: electronics, white goods, iron and metal, furniture, cardboard, soft plastic, blankets and mattresses, clothes and shoes and various.

You must sort your bulky items into transparent plastic bags. Put each type of waste into separate bags. E.g. cooking pots and clothes belong in separate bags.

3. Place your bulky items on the pavement no later than 7 a.m. on the day of collection.



If you have any questions regarding collection of your bulky items, please do not hesitate to contact us via