Vis emner under Forside
Trail in Horsens

There are plenty of opportunities to walk, run, and bike in and around Horsens. There are several paths suitable for walking/running and/or biking in the Municipality of Horsens. Several brochures have been produced with maps of paths and trails suitable for walking, running and/or biking. Most of them are in Danish but some are also in English and/or German. You can find them here.

Biking routes
Riding a bike for transportation is very common in Denmark, but many people also use their bike for exercise and recreation, and there are plenty of biking routes in the Municipality of Horsens along low-traffic roads and/or on designated biking paths.

You can find a map of these biking routes at

In the folder “Around Horsens Fjord” you can find a route around the fjord that also takes you to various sights and landmarks. Other routes that can be used for biking, walking, and running are found here.

Running and hiking trails 
In and around Horsens you will find several paths and trails suitable for both running and walking. For instance:

Havnesporet – “the harbour trail”
A path created in 2009 to connect the marina to the city centre. Besides walking/running the path, you will find sports facilities, exercise equipment and recreational spots along the trail.

The Løvhøj Trail
2,8 kilometer trail starting at Hotel Opus north of Horsens that also connects with the trails at Nørrestrand and the Horsens-Silkeborg Nature Path. (Map)

Planetstien – “The Planet Trail” 
3 kilometer trail starting at Høegh Guldbergs Gade in Horsens and ending at Fiskerhuset near Boller Castle on the south side of Horsens Fjord. (Map)
The trail illustrates our solar system showing the size of the planets compared to the huge distances between them.

“Mountain-trail” in Stensballe
1,6 kilometer trail to a great lookout point over Horsens and the fjord. Calling it a mountain is an exaggeration, but the climb will raise your heart rate no matter if you are walking or running. (Map

Hjertesti at Husoddestien*
1,8 kilometer trail from Sølystvej to Husodde Camping Area. Also suitable for wheelchairs (Map).

Hjertesti at Caroline Amalie Lunden-Nørrestrand*
5,4 kilometer trail from Lunden via Nørrestrand back to Lunden (Map).

Hjertesti in Brædstrup*
5,7 kilometer trail starting at Parken via Ring Skov and back to Parken (Map)

* a ”Hjertesti” is a trail established by the “Danish Heart Association” – an organization working to fight heart diseases. The trails are marked with the logo of the Danish Heart Association: a red heart.

Indholdsansvarlig Liselotte Nielsen,