Vis emner under Forside
Indvielse af ny skøjtebane på Rådhustorvet. Foto: Hanne Nielsen

At wintertime it is - depending on the weather - possible to go ice skating and sledding at several locations in the Municipality.


Free ice skating at the city hall, Horsens
A ca. 450 m2 temporary ice skating rink is built each winter in front of the city hall. It is FREE to use the rink if you have your own ice skates. It is also possible to rent ice skates for a small fee and buy a hot cocoa from a stand when you need a break.

The ice rink usually opens during December and stays until the end of February, depending on the weather - check out the opening hours, status of the ice rink and rental prices here (in Danish). You are welcome to use the rink outside the stand's opening hours, except when it is closed due to warm weather or in the mornings, when maintenance is performed.

Skøjtebanen i Bygholm Park, Horsens 
A ca. 10.000 m2 skating rink at Bygholm Park near the city centre. Access from the parking lot at Bygholm Park Hotel or from Schüttesvej.

Skøjtebanen i Brædstrup
A ca. 1500 m2 skating rink in Ring Skov. Access from Skovvejen.

Skøjtebanen i Østbirk
A ca. 500 m2 skating rink at Digterparken.

Skøjtebanen v. Bakkesvinget, Horsens
A ca. 9.000 m2 skating rink in natural surroundings. Access from Bakkesvinget and Nørrestrand. 

The skating rinks at Bygholm Park, in Østbirk and at Bakkesvinget are areas that are sprinkled to create a skating rink. The skating rink in Brædstrup is a natural wetland.

You can see if the skating rinks are open through this link (in Danish Åben means open, Lukket means closed). If you are at one of the skating rinks you will know that the rink is open, if it has been swept to remove snow and if it is illuminated in the evening. Don’t use the skating rinks if they are closed. Skating on the skating rinks is at your own risk.


If you have kids, they probably love to go sledding – and maybe you do to. Horsens is surrounded by hills that are excellent for sledding when there's snow on the ground. 

Where to go
Good hills for sledding are found at:

  • Lunden (at Sundvej 1 and Carolinelundsvej 2B, Horsens)
  • Bygholm Park (at Bygholm Parkvej 10, Horsens)
  • Nørrestrand (at Djævlekløften opposite Sundbakken 20, Horsens)
  • Torsted Kirke (at Ørnstrupvej 15, Torsted)
  • Vestre Kirkegård (at Silkeborgvej 40, Horsens)
  • Naturcenter Skovgård (south-east of Vandværksvej 32, Egebjerg)
  • Rytterkildedalen (between Langmarksvej 90 and Bakkesvinget 9, Horsens)
  • Digterparken (at H.C. Andersensvej 4, Østbirk)
  • At Ring Sø (Ring Bakke, Brædstrup)

Indholdsansvarlig Liselotte Nielsen,