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Why do I need a bank account?
When working in Denmark it is necessary to have a Danish bank account, as payments are usually made electronically. This is the case for salaries, but also for other payments such as cash benefits, child maintenance payments and pensions, to name a few. Read more about the process of opening a bank account further down.

What is a NemKonto?
In Denmark we operate with a so-called “NemKonto,” which translates to Easy Account. All citizens are asked to specify one account, usually a checking account, into which all public sector institutions can make payments, such as tax refunds, family allowances, etc. The idea is that the public sector institutions can make payments cheaply and simply. All banks can register a checking account as a NemKonto.

Find out more about NemKonto at, which has a Frequently Asked Questions section in English.

When opening a bank account remember to bring:

  • Employment contract/Letter of enrollment if you are a student
  • Passport or ID with photo
  • Proof of address in Denmark (such as your rental contract)
  • CPR number.

Please note: You must have a CPR number to open a bank account.

In some stores in Denmark it is not possible to pay with international cards. We therefore recommend that you obtain a Dankort, which is a nationally accepted debit card, or a combined VISA/Dankort, which you can use nationally and internationally.

Indholdsansvarlig Flemming Hartmann,