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Free Danish courses
In Denmark all foreign nationals over the age of 18 who have been granted residence, have been issued with a Danish CPR number, and are covered by the Danish immigration act are entitled to a publicly-financed Intro Danish language course. This means that you - for a limited period - can learn Danish free of charge. It is a way to help adult newcomers integrate more easily in Denmark, by ensuring they have the necessary language skills.

Jobcentre Horsens sends an offer letter to newcomers who qualify and are entitled to language courses. In Horsens, the Danish language courses are taught by Sprogcenter Midt. 

The free education offer only runs for a limited period - counting from the day you receive your offer letter from the Jobcentre.

Please contact Lise Thorsager at Jobcentre Horsens, for questions on the current rules and deadlines:

Rules after January 1st, 2014:
Workers, students, and au pairs are offered Intro Danish (focusing on preparing you for the Danish labour market). Intro Danish is 250 hours of education that must be finished within 18 months from the time you receive your offer letter. This is generally only feasible if you start within the first 6 months, so we strongly recommend that you enroll as soon as possible.

After completing Intro Danish you are entitled to three years of Danish education (from the day the Intro Danish is completed) for free - but only if you have completed the 250 hours Intro Danish within 18 months.

Refugees are entitled to Danish education for 5 years counting from their arrival.

Indholdsansvarlig Peer Allen Ødegaard,