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What insurance do I need?
It can be beneficial to take out private insurance to avoid unnecessary financial surprises in the event of unemployment, burglary, accidents, etc.
You can read more about accident, home, and liability insurance on Workindenmark's website.

Compulsory by law?
Some types of insurance are compulsory by law in Denmark while others are optional. It is compulsory to take out an insurance policy:

  • If you are a home owner    à compulsory fire insurance;
  • If you are a dog owner    à compulsory liability insurance;
  • If you own a motorised vehicle    à compulsory liability insurance.

Taking out an insurance policy
You will need to contact an insurance company to take out a policy. All insurance companies are private and there are large variations in prices, so it may be a good idea to shop around. You can compare prices and terms and conditions on the website (in Danish).

Be aware that you may be able to get a good rate through your trade union if you choose to become a member.

To receive unemployment insurance in Denmark you must be a member of an unemployment insurance fund (A-kasse in Danish).

Unemployment insurance funds
For general information on unemployment insurance funds, click here.

For information on the rules regarding membership, click here.

Unemployment benefit
To learn about the rules regarding unemployment benefit, click here

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