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Denmark has a public health insurance system. The Danish public healthcare system is tax-financed, and the majority of health services, such as hospital services and visits to doctors, are free of charge.

Are you entitled to public health insurance?
If you have a Danish residence permit and a civil registration (CPR) number, you are entitled to public health insurance in Denmark. 

In Denmark there are different points of entry to receiving healthcare:

1. General practitioners
2. Urgent care
3. Emergency ward
4. 112 - Life-threatening emergencies

1. General Practitioners
When you first arrive, you must register for a CPR-number. You will be asked to choose a General Practitioner (GP), who will be your first point of entry to the healthcare system.

The name, address, and telephone number of your GP is printed on your health insurance card

Booking an appointment
You must book an appointment with your GP before visiting the surgery. You can consult your GP when you are sick or otherwise require a consultation.

Please note: Take your health insurance card with you. It must be shown when checking in at the surgery.

What does your GP provide
The GP provides prescriptions, vaccinations, advice on birth control and pregnancy, gynecological examinations, advice on quitting smoking, and referrals to specialists or for hospital treatment when needed. Your GP can treat some health issues immediately. Others may require a referral for further examination or treatment by a specialist or at a hospital. 

2. Urgent Care
Call urgent care in case of sudden illness or if your condition worsens outside the GP's opening hours. You will speak to a doctor, who will decide whether or not you should go to the urgent care clinic for treatment. In special circumstances, the doctor may visit you at home or call an ambulance.

Opening hours
Urgent care is available from 4 pm to 8 am Monday to Friday, and 24 hours a day on weekends and during public holidays.

Please note: You must have an appointment to visit the urgent care unit, so please do not leave home without calling first!

Contact the urgent care clinic: +45 70 11 31 31

3. Emergency Ward
You can show up at the Emergency Ward in case of acute illness or serious conditions that cannot wait for the GP or urgent care doctor.

The Emergency Ward is located at: 
Regionshospitalet Horsens
Sundvej 30
8700 Horsens
(use entrance F from Sundvej)

4. Life-threatening emergencies
In case of serious injuries or life-threatening illness, contact the emergency centre by dialing: 112.

The centre will send an ambulance, police, or other form of help immediately.

Indholdsansvarlig Flemming Hartmann,