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The procedure for enrolling your child in the municipal primary and lower secondary school depends on whether you already live here when your child reaches school age, or whether your child is school-aged when moving here.

Already living here
If you live here before your child reaches school-age, your child will automatically be enrolled at a school in the district to which you belong. You will receive a letter from the school informing you of the further process when your child approaches school age. Upon receiving this letter, you must contact the school in order to learn more.

Arriving with school-aged children
If you arrive in Denmark with your family and school-aged children, contact the municipal school administration. Here you will be informed of your child’s options for learning Danish in special “welcome classes.” Once your child speaks and understands Danish, he/she will gradually participate in a number of subjects in Danish classes.

More information
If you have any questions or enquiries on how to enroll your child, call the Municipality at +45 7629 2929 and ask for the Department of Education and Labour Market (Uddannelse og Arbejdsmarked in Danish).

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