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City of diversity, culture and events

Horsens Municipality is a vibrant community known for its cultural events and VIA University College, which gathers over 2’000 international students from all around the world every year. The city used to be known for the Horsens Prison, which was transformed in 2006 into the Fængslet Museum – a conference and music venue, where bands such as Metallica performed. Besides the concerts and exhibitions in Fængslet, Horsens is currently known for its concerts of world-famous artists, such as: Madonna, Iron Maiden, Joe Cocker, Elton John, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Tom Jones, Bryan Adams, David Bowie, R.E.M., Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams, The Rolling Stones, Dolly Parton, AC/DC, U2 and Snow Patrol. 

Besides the music concerts, Horsens offers a wide range of cultural experiences and yearly events and festivals: 

  • The Horsens Medieval Festival 
  • The Theater Festival 
  • The Blues Festival
  • The International Fair for Crime Fiction '
  • The Stoneass Festival – Arts and Music Festival
  • Holmboe i Horsens – Classical Music Festival

A multi-cultural city

Horsens Municipality has the population of over 85’000 citizens, almost 10% of which are internationals. There are about 115 different nationalities living in the municipality. One reason for this diversity is the presence of VIA University College – where more than half of the students are foreigners from over 50 different countries. In Horsens, we view diversity as strength, that’s why the Municipality organizes Welcome-events for new foreign citizens every year. Besides that, there are the Welcome Ambassadors that can be your local guides if you are new to Horsens and don’t know where to start. The goal of these projects is to help newcomers, foreign employees and international students settle in the Municipality of Horsens and get integrated in the everyday life.

The Municipality of Horsens

The Municipality is governed by mayor Peter Sørensen and a municipal council of 27 elected politicians.

A municipality has great influence on the day-to-day lives of its citizens. It is responsible for: 

  • Daycare and kindergartens for children
  • Primary schools for children aged 6 to 17
  • Libraries, local sports facilities, and other cultural activities
  • Homes for elderly people and in-home care for those who live by themselves
  • Granting certain social benefits such as housing benefit and pension
  • Integration of refugees and asylum-seekers
  • Job activation and employment projects for uninsured, unemployed persons
  • Public utilities, environmental measures, and emergency services

Business Environment 

Another attractive factor is the municipality’s dynamic economical environment with over 9’000 registered businesses, and presents itself as an attractive place for foreign citizens to find a job or start their own enterprises. Horsens is among the leaders in logistics, technology and knowledge-based industries in Denmark. The city is home to the Danish stock exchange for small and medium enterprises - the only Danish market place for trading unlisted shares. 

Citizen Service Centre

The Citizen Service Centre (BorgerService) is your point of entry to the municipality of Horsens.
You can reach us by phone +45 7629 2929, e-mail, in person at City Hall, Rådhustorvet 4, 8700 Horsens or Municipality Services Brædstrup (BorgerService Brædstrup), Niels Wongesvej 8, 8740 Brædstrup.

Visiting Hours and Phone Hours:

Monday - Wednesday, 10.00 - 15.00
Thursday, 10.00 - 17.00
Friday, 10.00 - 13.00

The map and nature of the Municipality

 Horsens Municipality covers 542 square kilometres, stretching from the island of Endelave in the east to Brædstrup in the west. It includes: 

  • 510 hectares of protected lakes;
  • 414 km of rivers protected by the Nature Conservation Act protection provisions, of which 200 km of municipal waters;
  • 3560 areas under the Nature Conservation Act protection provisions, of which 1000 hectares of protected meadows;
  • 565 protected monuments;
  • 31.4 km river for canoeing and kayaking;
  • 125 km cycle paths;
  • 258 km trails in the nature;
  • 12 parks;
  • 5 tent sites with free accommodation.

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